the red raptor

The Deinonychus are the most common enemies in the game, and appears in almost all levels being the main enemy. It has three different versions that appears in the game, and each one has different damage and resistence.

Red: The Red Deinonychus is the most common Deinonychus of the game. It appears first in the first level, and it will attack you all the time.It usually hunts in packs of two to four individuals.

Health: 13

Green: The green is the strongest Deinonychus of the game, and in groups it is very difficult to confront. It first appears in Sinking Feeling, and is the main enemy of Vortex Zero.Althrough it is the strongest Deinonychus,a well aimed shot with a shotgun could bring it down.

Health: 58

Purple: This type of Deinonychus will appear in The Final Piece as the main dinosaur, and it is likely to be the second most powerfull type of Deinonychus.

Health: 28

To easily kill the Deinonychus, use Machineguns or Shotguns while using the Adrenaline Burst Mode to see the vital organs of the dinosaur. Keep distance especially from the green ones,and trying to dodge their attacks is a good strategy.


pack of raptors

They are also the enemies that appear in the fortifications.

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