Gatling gun 1865

The Gatling Gun in real-life.

The Gatling Gun is a 1800's machine gun used in the Civil War. The gun uses a crank on the side of it. This crank shoots out a single bullet out of the top chamber, then rotates and shoots another out of the next chamber to appear at the top. This gun was replaced with the Maxim gun during WWI. Instead of having a crank the guns in-game do not use cranks but rather uses regular bullets that are inserted on the top of the weapon.


This type of Mounted weapon first appears in the game in the second Mission. In this mission the player is introduced to Mounted Weaponry and arms the Gun when Several Raptors try to swam Dylan. The Next mission has the Gun used to defend a small area to which Raptors are trying to break into. The gun is replaced with the Maxim gun farther into the game.

Survivor ModeEdit

In survivor Mode this is the First mounted weapon Dylan can use. There are two Guns in the map; One on the Right side and One on the Left. Each used to defend the fort from the Never ending swarm of Raptors and other Dinosaurs.


  • This weapon Is the first 1800 Weapon Dylan discovers, just after Dylan defeats the Dino heard trying to ambush him he can find a model 1848 rifle close to the ship wreck.