Jurassic Spike



Known as spike

Spiny Lizard




6 Meters
12.4 to 18.9 Metres (41 to 59 ft)
8.21 tonnes

Spike isla rosy beast

Spike an 8 ton beast spike is the main dinosuar on the island

The Spinosaurus is the main antagonist and a reoccurring boss in Jurassic the Hunted. It's the most dangerous and ferocious dinosaur in the game.It is only known for one individual,named "Spike".the pristrioric beast

Dylan first meets the Spinosaurus when he is getting out of the caves. It puts its head through a hole and attempts to eat Dylan. A little later, a herd of Pachycephalosaurus runs by Dylan, presumably escaping from Spike. Dylan walks out into an arena and sees Spike chasing Sabrina. They run to cover and Sabrina informs Dylan about Spike, who she has been trying to avoid for a while. Dylan tells Sabrina to head north to the fort while Dylan fights Spike. Much later, Dylan encounters Spike again. Dylan is tasked with defeating Spike before he gets through the barricade. Dylan apparently kills Spike and he and Sabrina go to a desert island via the time machine. Rock and James reunite with them shortly afterwards with Spike attached to their submarine. Spike, who was thought to be dead, opens his eyes while strapped to the sub.

The FightEdit

Spike has a high amount of health and most weapons will not do that much damage. The Light machine gun is highly recommended for this boss. Spike has a weak point on its chest and it will make the Spinosaurus step back and every time the player hits it.With it backing down,it will give you some time to run and maybe reach an ammo box.The player can use adrenaline to hit the boss and cause even more damage.

Make sure you stock up on ammo and supplies at the ammo crate on the far right. The player can keep the boss at bay as long as they keep firing at the weak point. Grenades cause moderate damage to the boss, so use those during the fight. The rocket launcher causes a large amount of damage and is recommended for this battle as well. The players can fire a rocket until they run out of ammo and can refill at the ammo crate. They can keep repeating this tactic until Spike finally goes down.

When Spike is trying to get through the barricade, he will try to bite the player through the windows. This fight is much harder because Spike doesn't have a weak point. The player can stock up on ammo at the ammo crate. The Bar is highly recommended for this fight. Whenever the player shoots Spike, he try to bite you. Do not let Spike destroy the barricade or the mission will be lost. Shoot Spike and back away before he bites you. Repeat this tactic up until Spike falls.

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