The Velociraptor is the smallest enemy in the game.They hunt in packs, usually in really large numbers, and are the first dinosaur you will encounter in the game.They come in three variantions, like the Deinonychus.

1-Black and Yellow:The most common variant,appearing in several levels,with a black skin and yellow stripes.

2-Grey:They only appear once in the entire game,when you are teleported to some sort of cave,and many of them come and try to kill you.

3-Albino:It is seen very rarely in the game,very near the end,as well as showing up in the Survival Mode.

They are also seen in the menu,many of them running from a Deinonychus,until it catches a Velociraptor and drags it away.It suggests that the Velociraptors are some times preyed on by their larger cousins.

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